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The needle has landed.

“People talk about escapism as if it’s a bad thing …once you’ve escaped, once you come back, the world is not the same as when you left it. You come back to it with skills, weapons, knowledge you didn’t have before.”
Neil Gaiman  (via michellardi)

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“I am a collection of dismantled almosts.
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“Sports fans have caused actual riots, but people still take sports seriously. Boy band fans scream at concerts, and suddenly they’re “a spectacle of the natural world.” Things that are made for women, particularly young women, are automatically given less respect. Girls who get interested interested in comic books or video games or science fiction get called “fake geek girls.”

Magazines and television and advertisements tell teenage girls that they should like certain things, and then other magazines tell girls that they’re stupid for liking those things. Then magazines publish articles and TV shows run specials wondering why teenage girls don’t have better self esteem, like they didn’t make it that way.

There’s nothing wrong with teenage girls being enthusiastic about boy bands or (heaven forbid) having sexual feelings about the boys in boy bands. There is something wrong with the way that other people react to teenage girls and their interests.”
Boy Bands and Sexism: Can We Stop Hating Teenage Girls? (via brute-reason)

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Ramon Bautista: Love and Career Advice

How do you best handle a long distance relationship?
Don’t do it.

If you can only have one, what would it be: A successful career, or a lasting relationship?
A successful career. If I had a lasting relationship but I’m a taong grasa, nakakahiya naman sa mahal ko diba.

What is the worst career advice you have received?
Basta magaling ka, you’ll get places - WRONG! Basta MUKHA KANG magaling kay boss… Yon!

How do you define success? 
When at the end of the day you can say, “I’m livin’ the life.”

What advice would you give your 20-year-old self?
Bahala ka sa buhay mo, kaya mo yan.

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great gatsby deleted scene

  • ((playing wii sports with gatsby))
  • nick: just because some cute girl likes the same bizarro rich people crap as you that doesn't make her your soul mate

Let’s drink some beers
“Before it was over I wanted to send you a postcard that said:
Don’t try and kill something
that’s too big to bury.”
Derrick Brown  (via poemusicoffee)

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We carry on.

We carry on.

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On guilt and shame


Do you feel guilt? That’s not a loaded question, I mean it in regard to your very (very) well developed sense of mature morality. You just seem like such a morally advanced person that you’d sort of be “beyond” guilt.

The only people who are beyond guilt are narcissists and sociopaths. I feel guilty for shit all the time, and I’m glad that I do. Guilt is evidence of a functioning conscience.

If anything, I’d like to be beyond shame. Shame is different than guilt. To be shameless is to not give a fuck what other people think. It requires the moral code and strength of character to know you’re in the right even though others believe you’re in the wrong.

On more fun-sized advice


What is special about Wednesdays?
On Wednesdays we wear pink.

What are reasonable guidelines to dating a friend’s ex?

What are your thoughts on cuddle parties?

How does one go about ensuring that the people they drag home for a little no-strings don’t talk too much?

Duct tape.

Why don’t I know what to do? Strike that, why do all paths seem to lead nowhere?
Because nothing matters.

What’s the quickest way to stop acting like a lovesick puppy?
You’re on a drug. You gotta let that shit wear off naturally.

What about Lena Dunham do you hate?
I don’t hate Lena Dunham. She’s just an easy punch line.

What’s the problem with The Newsroom?
It hasn’t earned the right to be so smug.

The people whose questions get answered must feel so privileged.
How does it feel?

I lost a bunch of weight and now I look like an American Apparel model. What now?
I dunno, buy a unitard and practice your bitch-face.

On fun-sized advice


A one-night stand told me that I hide behind sarcasm. What does that say about me?
It says you let your one night stands talk too much.

"The people with the best advice usually have the most problems."
The people who believe things just because they’re in quotation marks usually have the lowest IQs.

Is it impossible to become good, close friends with someone you’re having sex with without dating them?
Dating is a courtship ritual. You don’t have to date, but if you’re bonding with a sexual partner, it’s a difficult trick to keep things mutually platonic without some explicit ground rules and a lot of open, honest communication.

Settle a bet for me: are black and pink tacky together?
Yep, especially if an animal print is involved. I think Betsey Johnson tried to pull that shit off once, but black and pink doesn’t belong outside of the gym or the strip club. (Except on Wednesdays, of course.)

Does it really get better?
Probably. For a while. Might not, though. You’re still gonna die in the end anyway, so you might as well enjoy whatever you’ve got while you can.

On agreeing to disagree


What do you say to people who say, “we’ll just have to agree to disagree?”

Response #1 (The High Road): “‘We’ll just have to agree to disagree’ is a thought terminating cliché that implies your argument is on equal footing as mine. It’s not, and if you aren’t willing to defend your position any further, then we’ll just have to agree you’ve conceded the point.”

Response #2 (The Middle Road): “We’ll just have to agree you’re wrong, so go sit in the corner and be wrong in your wrongness.”

Response #3 (The Low Road): “Agree to go fuck yourself.”

On fun-sized advice


Rate your own level of hotness between one and ten.
To answer with a number is to commodify myself and compete with my entire gender. Fuck that. No one should have to accept the premise of this question.

My friend moved to LA and became an egotistical dick. What the fuck?

LA is a catalyst for that kind of thing, but rest assured, it would have happened eventually anyway.

Why can’t I stop feeling like I’m nothing but wasted potential?
Because you’re living your life like it’s a preamble to some eventual state of accomplishment.

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